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Chinese Currency

The Chinese currency is called Renminbi and is issued by the Central Bank-the People's Bank of China.The unit of Renminbi is yuan;and the subsidiary unit is jiao and fen.One yuan can be divided into 10jiao.There are paper banknotes and coins for yuan and jiao.There are denominations of coins:one yuan,five jiao and one jiao.The denominations of paper banknotes of yuan include:one yuan,two yuan ,five yuan,10 yuan,20yuan,50yuan and 100yuan,in addition to the paper banknotes of jiao;one jiao,two jiao and five jiao.The abbreviation for the Renminbi is RMB

Currency conversation

To provide convenience to tourists from foreign countries,Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to exchange currency in the Chinese mainland, the Bank of China and other designated banks can convert foreign travelers’s checks, foreign credit cards, and 22 types of foreign currencies and New Taiwan dollars into RMB.

In addition, tourists to China can also convert foreign currencies into RMB at some hotels, restaurants and shops. Before leaving China, visitors can change any leftover Chinese money back into their own currencies on the strengh of the exchange receipts within  six months.

Credit cards

At present, the following foreign credit cards are accepted in China:MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express Card, JCB Card and Diners Card.

Holders of these cards can draw cash from the Bank of Chinaor use the cards for payment in shops, hotels and restaurants designated by the Bank of China.

Traveler’s Check

For the convenience of tourists, the Bank of China can cash traveler’s checks sold by international commercial banks and travelers’ check companies in the U.S, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany and other countries and regions. Also the Bank of China sells travelers’ checks of such banks as the American Express Company, the First National City Bank, and the Swiss Bank Corporation.

Medical Service.

To protect the rights and interests of foreign tourists, the Chinese government has worked out some management procedures on the collection of medical fees from foreign tourists, and set up special medical centers with good conditions and environment for foreigners in all large cities.



In general, hotels in China have IDDtelephones for guests to make phone calls to other countries as well as to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The four-and five-star hotels are equipped with the Broadband Internet Access, the phonetic message system and the video system, offering convenient and quick telecommunicationservices.

Time Zones, Time Differences and Work Schedule

China uses”Beijing Time” as the standard time for the entire nation, which is the time of the Eighth Eastern Time Zone designated according to the time zone division system adopted at the 1884 International Longitude Meeting. Beijing time is eight hours earlier than Greenwich Mean time.

The Chinese people work five days a week, from Monday to Friday. The work schedule for government organs is from 8:00am to 5:00 pm, with one hour for lunch at noon.

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