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Air Transportation

At present, China has opened over 1,177 air routes to other parts of the country not including 45 ones to Hong Kong and Marco, and more than 200 international air routes. Domestic air routes are mainly distributed in the area east of the Harbin-Beijing-Xi’an-Chengdu-Kuming line, with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as thehubs, linking all large and medium-sized cities in China, totaling 140 cities. The international air routes take Beijing as the center, and radiate to the east, west andsouth through the airports in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Dalian, Kumming and Xiamen. Scheduled planes fly from China to Japan, North America, Middle East, Europe , south Aisa, Southeast Ais, Australia and other countries and regions regularly. The information website of the CAAC: www.


Railway Transpotation

Railways in China have developed rapidly and many new domestic and international lines have been opened. International trains go from China to Ulan Bator, Moscow, Pyongyang, Hanoi and other cities regularly. There are several kinds of trains for domestic rails:CRH train(with a code of D), direct express train(Z), Extra Express train (T), express train(K), air-conditioned train(N), tour train (Y) and temporary train(L). The train in China have two soft lower berths in each private room.

For the convenience of tourists, all the major cities in China have express trains, which leave in the evening and arrive in the morning; and tourist cities regularly. In 2007, China has put into use more than 200 pairs of CRH trains with their speed reaching more than 200 Kilometers. The website of the Chinese railways:


Highway Transportation

China has advanced highway network, which radiate to all directions with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong as the centers. Now China is sparing no effort to develop expressways and the first-and second-class highways. The work has made great achievements in many tourist cities up to now, providing great convenience for tourists. The main highways include Shengyang-Dalian ,Beijing-Tanggu, Beijing-Shijiangzhuang, Nanjing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Hanghzhou, Hangzou-Ningbo, Xi’an-Litong, Xi’an-Baoji, Guiyang-Huangguoshu, Yichang-Huangshi, Jinan-Qingdao, Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Foshan, Guangzhou-Shantou, Chengdu-Chongqing, Fujian-Xiamen, Round Hainan Island, Guilin-Liuzhou and Luoyang-Kaifeng highways.

Water Transportation

With a vast sea area, China boreders the Bohai, yellow and East China Seas in the east, and the South China Sea in the south. Along the undulating coastlines there are Shanghai, Tianjin Xinguang, Guangzhou Huangpu, Yantai, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Dalian, Beihai and Hong Kong ports. These ports are vast and deep, with beautiful surroundings, making them a popular sightseeing destination in China.

International Sea Routes

China has many international port cities, where ships can go to the port cities of other countries. Regular ships go from Shanghai, Tianjin and Dalian to Kobe, Osaka, Yokohama and Inchon. Many luxury ships go back and forth along these international sea routes.

Domestica Sea Routes

Domestica sea navigation routes connect a variety of port cities in China. Main routes include: Shanghai-Dalian, Dalian-Taijin, Dalian-Yantai, Shanghai-Qingdao, Shanghai-Guangzhou, Beihai-Guangzou, Shenzhen-Zhuhai and Zhuhai- Hong Kong. These lines have convenient schedules and include a number of luxury cruises and passenger ships.


Island River Routes

China’s mainland is crisscrossed by 226,800 kilometers of rivers, of which 136,000 kilometers are navigable.

Famous Inland River Routes for Sight seeing

1. Toursits may travel by pleasure boat along the section of Grand Canal bewteen Suzhou and Hangzhou, 146.6 kilometers long, where tourists can feast their eyes on the beautiful scenery of south China.

2. Tourists may get on a dragon boat or a pleasure boat at Nanjing, Wuxi or Yangzhou to take the Grand Canal-Yangtze River-Taihu lake tour, full of poetic flavor. Tourists can taste delicious local cuisine on the boat while apreciating the beauty of the scenery.

3. Tourists may take a 83 kilometers longtour along the Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo, enjouing from Guilin to Yangshuo, enjoying picturesque scenery and many historical sites.

4. Wuhan has more than 50 luxury pleasure ships. Tourists can appreciate the fascinating scenery of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River by these Shpis.


China has more than 13,300 star-rated hotels spread all over the country. Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guanghzou, Jinan, Wuhan, Kumming and so on gather a large number of hotels, known for their excellent facilities and service, in addition to various kinds of common hotels, such as hotels and youth inns.

Except accommodating tourists, the star-rated hotels also provide various services, such as food and newspaper delivery, laundary, haircut, beauty treatment, information, taxis, personal attendants, etc. With perfect communication and telecommunication facilities, and business meeting equipment, star-rated hotels provide advanced business services.

All hotels’ guest rooms are equipped with TV sets. Guests can watch English programs on CCTV as well as local Tvstations. Foreign televison programs are also available in many hotels. Guests can find the music bar, teahouse, bowling alley, electric game room, massage room, swimming pool and ballroom in the hotel.



Recreation and Entertainment

Chinese culture is extensive and profound; and the Chinese people are warm-hearted and hospitable. China offers a wide variety of recreational activities to toursits. Traveling in China, tourists can apprecaate traditional Chinese operas, suchas Peking Opera, Yueju(Shaoxing Opera), Chuanju(Sichuan Opera), and Jinju (Shanxi Opera); enjoy the performance of China’s tea ceremony; appreciate the performance of acrobatics which are world-renowned, and Chinese music and dances with strong traditonal festival of the 56 ethnic groups in China; and experience different ethnic customs and lives of the people in different places.

In addition, many cities have the skiing grounds, shooting ranges, golf courses and holiday resorts. Special activities, such as grass gliding, sand gliding and tour of Hutong or lanes, are also available.



Chinese Cuisine

With a time-honored history, Chinese cuisine is one of the Chinese cultural treasures. Chinese cuisine, French cuisine and Turkish cuisine are known as the three most famous styles of cuisine in the world. Chinese cuisine has developed and matured over the centuries forming a slendid cultural content and a strong and solid technique basis. A variety of local cuisines, special dishes and snacks in China are attracting more and more foreign tourists with their unusual charm.

Each local cuisine has its own characterists, but Chinese cuisine as a whole is divided into four major schools—Shandong, Sichuan, Huaiyang and Guangdong cuisines. To these four schools can be added four more: Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and AnhuiCuisines. Sometimes, Beijing and Shanghai cuisines are also counted.

The special dishes contain the palace, vegetarian and Islamic dishes, as well wa food cooked with medicinal herbs. The palace dishes, or the imperial cuisine, feature well-selected materials. Meticulous prepapration, high skills in the use of a kitchen knife, beautiful colors, fascinating aroma, delicious taste, elegant shapes, high-quality containers and poetic names. Diners eat according to traditional procedures. Vegetarian dishes, which are made of green vegetables, fruits, edible fungi, bean products and vegetable oil, are tasty, nutritious and easy to digest, in addition to the anti-cancer role. The dishes cooked with medicinal herbs are created on the basis of the theories of traditional Chinese medicines and through reasonble cooking. Such foods are good to the people’s health.

China also has a wide variety of local snacks. The snacks of south China are mainly prepared with rice, and those of noth China are made with flour. Beijing is famous for sweet cakes; Guangdong , for Western-style snacks; and Jiangsu, for exquisite cakes served on the boat. The recent years have witnessed the rapid development of fast foods in large and medium-sized cities. Foreign fast food reataurants, such as Maconald’s KFC and Pizza Hut, can be found all over the country to provide convenience to tourists.


Shopping in China.

Thanks to its long history and splendid culture, China boasts a large unmber of meticulously made traditional arts and crafts, showing high craftmanship. Folk arts and crafts rooted in the life are simple, unadorned and vivid, with profound connotations and ethnic characteristics. These all combine to make shopping in China a major activity for tourists when they arrive, adding pleasure to their vist.

China’s tourist commodities mainly include silk products, embroideries, brocade, paintings and calligraphy, Cloisonne, pottery and porcelain, carved works of art, woven products, lacquer ware, fans the four treasures of the study(writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), tea, wine, works of art made by the ethnic minority people, carpets, tapestries, West Lake silk unbrellas, New year pictures, paper-cuts, kites, flok costumes and toys.


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